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The questionnaire title is the name you can give to your questionnaire to help define the focus of your questionnaire. The questionnaire link is the URL through which you can share your questionnaire with others.

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This help guide will show how to change the title and link of your survey and explain why it is important to choose a suitable one. In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Create questionnaire
  2. Questionnaire title
  3. Questionnaire link

1 Create questionnaire 

Start by Creating your questionnaire in the Home tab.

Title and link - create questionnaire

Let's Start from scratch.

Title and link - start questionnaire from scratch

Now you've added your new questionnaire, you'll see this screen. The title and link of your questionnaire are automatically filled in.  You can leave these as they are or change them to a title and link that are more meaningful to your project.

Title and link - choose your own

2 Questionnaire title

We recommend choosing a meaningful title containing the subject, event, or company name in order to find your survey or quiz quickly in your dashboard. The title will be shown to you and to respondents in their browser tab or as the title of the shortcut on their tablet or smartphone.

Title and link - questionnaire title in browser tab

tipTip: Maximum character number for Questionnaire title is 45.

3 Questionnaire link

The text in the grey box is standard since this is the first part of the link. (If you do want to change this, you want to White label' your survey. Read more about white labeling here (add a link to white labeling) or contact support@surveyanyplace.com)

Make sure your link is

  • Short (fast and easy to type)
  • Simple (easy to remember)
  • Meaningful (your respondents will see this)

tipTip: Maximum character number for Questionnaire link is 20.

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