Final screen

This feature is included in all plans.

Use the final screen to give a final message to your respondents, thank them for participating, give further instructions or leave some extra information.

1 Setting the Final screen

Final screen - change the text of final messages

Your final message - Edit the text that will be shown on the Final screen. Learn how to use the rich text editor to make your text bigger, change the color, add emojis, personalize with variables and more... all in this guide. When you set up outcomes (link), the outcome screen will override your final message.

Additional text - Right now you'll see a link to our website. When you are a paying customer, this link can be deleted. If you’re using outcomes and you want to show some text that will be the same in each outcome, add it here in the additional text box, since the additional text won't be overwritten by the outcomes.

2 Additional options for the Final screen

Final screen - additional options, redirect

  1. Final button label - This is the text that shows on your last button. e.g.: 'Visit our website', 'Return to start', 'Go to the Facebook page'. If you don't want a button on your final screen, you can leave this field empty.
  2. Where do you want to take your respondents after clicking the final button? Choose between redirecting to the beginning of the survey or if you want to enter a link to the company website, the Facebook page etc. click To a specific URL and type it into the box that will come up.
  3. Auto redirect after 10 sec. - Toggle the button to set this auto redirect. If it is set to Off,  the respondent will stay on the final screen until they click the button or leave the survey. If you switch it on, the page will automatically redirect to the beginning of the survey, or the link you entered in 'Redirect to' after 10 seconds.

Tip: Do you have a lot of final things to say? Then you might consider sending your respondents an email after they've completed the survey. In an e-mail you can add more text and the respondents can save it and take a look at it later on. More information about e-mail templates here

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