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The final screen aims to give a final message to your respondents, thank them for participating, give further instructions or leave some extra information. This the also the page where you can add your social media icons to enable your respondents to like or share your questionnaire, your Facebook page or website.

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If you are planning to set up outcomes to show a variable final page depending on the conditions that you set, the outcome will be displayed instead of the last page discussed in this guide (The outcomes feature is available on the Professional, Enterprise, and ReportR plan).

This guide will teach you:

  1. Setting the Final screen
  2. Additional options

1. Setting the Final screen

Final screen-final screen settings

  • Your final message - Edit the text that will be shown on your last page. Learn how to use the rich text editor to make your text bigger, change the color, add emojis, personalize with variables, and more.
  • Additional text - If you’re using outcomes and you want to show some text that will be the same in each outcome, add it here in the additional text box since the additional text won't be overwritten by the outcomes. Originally there is a link that redirects the respondent to our website. When you are not a free user, this link can be deleted or changed.

2. Additional options

Final screen - additional options, redirect

  1. Final button label - If you want to redirect users to another web page, add text here that will appear on the button. For example, 'Visit our website', or 'Go to the Facebook page' or 'Return to start' to get back to the start of the questionnaire. If you don't want a button on your last page just leave this field empty.
  2. Where do you want to take your respondents after clicking the final button? Choose between a redirect 'to the start of the survey' or 'to a specific URL'.
  3. Auto redirect after 10 sec. - Toggle the button to set this auto-redirect. If it is set to off, the respondent will stay on the last page until they click the button or leave the survey. If you switch it on, the page will automatically redirect to the beginning of the survey, or to the link you have set.
  4. Add a download button to the final screen - to initiate the download of a file. This can be a file of your choice or a personalized PDF report for each respondent (the download button feature is only available on the ReportR plan). Edit the download button label and insert a download button link. Note that the download button label cannot exceed 30 characters and the PDF file will be opened in a new tab of the browser.
  5. Embed dashboard - to add a dashboard. You can choose from a list of which dashboard you want to add. Read more here.


If you have set up a personalized PDF report for each respondent, copy the download link from the Share tab in the ReportR settings and then simply paste it into the download button link box.

Final screen - share download link


formula tipYou can also add Survey Widgets at your last page. Choose between gauge chart, thermometer or bar chart, and include variables in their data fields, to display customized data from the responses. Survey widgets are available for Enterprise and ReportR plans.


When a questionnaire has the limit responses per device feature enabled and the respondent has already taken the questionnaire, he is immediately redirected to the last page on load of the questionnaire without any notice. 

What's next?

  • The email templates feature allows you to send emails to your respondents based on their selected answers or a quiz/survey score. This is a great way to keep your respondents engaged! Email templates are so useful because each email can be customized according to each respondent's answers or score using editor variables.
  • Multiple outcomes feature allows you to show to your respondents a final screen with multiple different results based on their answers or other criteria you have specified. This is a very useful feature that can you can use to show multiple messages at your quiz results and to categorize, and personalize your last page.
  • Use Question grouping & Question blocks: You might want to show more than one question on the screen to make your questionnaire seem shorter. Question grouping is just what you need! You can also activate or de-activate all questions in the question block with one click of a button.
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