Idle timeout

This feature is included in all plans.

When you put your survey or quiz on an unmanned iPad in a store, you don’t want to leave the survey half open when someone quits in the middle of the survey. The Idle timeout counts the period of inactivity and returns the survey to the Intro Screen after a period of seconds you choose yourself. 

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Let's see how to add the idle timeout feature to your survey.

Start by logging in and going to the Extra Options tab.

idle timeout - extra options mode

Scroll down to Kiosk mode options and click Idle timeout.

Choose idle timeout

You will then see this box with the following options:

idle timeout settings

When you toggle the button to activate Idle timeout, you will then be able to choose the timeout value in seconds. You can also choose to keep the data of an incomplete questionnaire by turning on save data before the questionnaire restarts.

Make sure you click Apply so all your changes will be saved!