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Share your surveys, quizzes, and assessments by using a questionnaire link, QR Code, email, and embedding it. Start sharing your questionnaire to increase the response rate and collect more data. 

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This guide will give a general overview of all the options offered on the Share screen:

  1. Share questionnaire link
  2. Share restrictions
  3. Share questionnaire by embedding it
  4. Share questionnaire by email
  5. Share questionnaire on paper

If you're on the home page, click on the Share icon, or go to the Share tab on the top menu when you're in the questionnaire editor.

Share questionnaire - share icon

Share questionnaire - share tab

Now we'll work through the different options available to you as you scroll down the page.

Share questionnaire link gives you the option to copy a Link or QR code.

1.1 Share questionnaire link

Link and Short link are both links to your survey. Click on the Copy button at the end of the line to copy the link to anywhere you want to start distributing.

share link

Tip: The Short link gives you a link that is shorter and faster to type, useful for times when the respondent has to type the link on their smartphone or tablet.

1.2 Share your questionnaire by QR code

Another way to distribute your questionnaire is by downloading the QR code, which you can then print out, put it on flyers, post it on social media or your website... or send it by snail mail!

Download the QR code by right-clicking on the image and select Save Image As...

share qr link

2 Share restrictions

In the next set of options, Share restrictions, you can de-activate your questionnaire, set passwords, and limit responses.

share restrictions

  1. Activate your questionnaire - When you have gathered enough responses, toggle the button to the left to de-activate it.
  2. Add a single password to your questionnaire to add an extra layer of security. Read more details about how to add passwords.
  3. Multiple passwords -  you will be able to upload a CSV file of the different passwords
  4. Limit responses per device or per contact - Toggling these buttons to the right will limit the number of times a respondent can take the questionnaire. Learn all about different ways to limit responses.

Another option available on request is to add a maximum number of responses allowed to your survey. For example, set a maximum of 100 responses and when 100 responses have been received, the survey will not be accessible. Note that this feature is not available in offline mode.

Share questionnaire - hard limit

3 Share questionnaire by embedding it

Here you have two options for embedding your questionnaire on your website or social media pages - an IFrame which you can Copy to implement the questionnaire on your website or copy the text from Embed script for better responsive results.

share questionnaire by embedding

You'll find more details here about embedding a survey.

4 Share questionnaire by email

This feature is only available in the Professional and Enterprise plan. 

Once you've added your contacts, you'll probably want to email them the survey. Click Send email invitations to create and schedule your email invitation.

send email invitations

Learn how to send email invitations.

5 Share questionnaire on paper

Last but certainly not least... here's the button to generate your PDF version of the questionnaire:

share pdf

Click Download PDF and Survey Anyplace will email a PDF copy direct to your inbox. Nice!

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