How to set up a ranking question with custom score and formulas?

How to set up a ranking question with custom scoring and formulas?

The question type Ranking provides the respondent with a list, made by you, which they can rank according to their liking or knowledge. Want to know what aspects of your product the respondents like best? List them and let your respondents rank the items themselves. 

1 Add a Ranking question to your questionnaire

In the Questions tab, select Ranking from the list of question types and Click +.

Adding ranking question example

2 Edit the question

Great! Now that you have added a ranking question to your questionnaire, you can edit it to change the general settings, edit the question and add the ranking answer options. Read Ranking to see a more detailed guide on how to set up this question type.

ranking question example

Next, toggle the Add a score to each ranking position to give a score to each ranking position.

ranking position score

3 Create your formulas

Make sure your questionnaire is completed then head straight to the Extra Options tab and select Formulas in the Custom Scoring section. Click Create formula and add your formulas. Read Formulas to see a more detailed example of how to set up formulas.

Formula creating example

Once you set up your formulas, you'll be able to give each answer a formula. Go back to the Questions tab and add a formula to your answer options. Simply, toggle the button to each answer.

answer options formula example

answer options formula example

answer options formula example

4 Build the final screen

Edit the text on your final screen and finalize your questionnaire. You can list the results by using the formulas.

final screen example

Here's an example of the questionnaire we've created for you to test.

So let's get started! Log in now to create your own questionnaire.

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