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Save on exit feature makes sure the answers to the questionnaire are saved in case a respondent closes his or her browser and you can turn on the Save and continue feature to let your respondents come back to the survey.

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You have two options, they can be used at the same time; Save on exit (the response will be saved when the respondent closes the window i.e. does not complete the survey completely) or Save and continue (this option allows respondents to return to the questionnaire and continue from where they left off). 

In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Save on exit
  2. Save and continue
  3. What's next?

To enable either or both of these options, start by heading to the Extra Options tab and scroll down to Other options.

1 Save on exit

save on exit

Activate save on exit. Now all responses will be saved.

Activate save on exit

You can also activate the next button down - also apply save on exit on intro screen. Activate this option if you ask for the name or email on the intro screen or even more information. If you don't gather any information on the intro screen, then there's no reason to save empty responses so don't activate this feature. The feature will then only save starting from the first question when someone clicked 'start'.

Tip: When you use your survey in kiosk mode, turn off the feature to save on exit on the intro screen.

2 Save and continue

Let's see how to allow respondents to save and continue from where they left off.

save and continue

Activate the feature here to let the respondent return to complete the questionnaire and specify how many times they are allowed to return. You must have a contact list set up so that respondents will be allowed to return to complete the questionnaire.

Unique identifier

When you send out your questionnaire, make sure the respondent is attached to the link in order that each respondent gets to see his/her answers from a previous time. You attach the respondent to the questionnaire by using the UID of each respondent in their survey:

iud - save and continue

example of save and exit


The "Save on Exit" button only displays when URL parameters are used. For mobile users, their responses will not be saved when they just close the survey on their mobile, though it does work on PC.

Make sure to click Save Changes when you're done.

Read the guide for more information and options about appending this information to the URL. 

So now you know how to activate this useful feature, log in and try it for yourself!

3 What's next?

Other features you may be interested in:

  • Email notifications - When you want to receive a notification every time the survey is completed, you can turn on Email notifications. You can enter your email address as well as the email address of any colleagues.
  • Geolocation - When it is important for you to know where the respondents take the survey, you can turn on Geolocation. When the location on the device is turned on, you will receive the location in your results and in your Notification Email.
  • Save contact details - If you're asking respondents for their personal information, use our save respondent details feature to build the contact list automatically.

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