Save on exit

This feature is included in the Professional, Enterprise and ReportR plan.

This feature makes sure the answers to the questionnaire are saved in case a respondent closes his or her browser. Enabling this feature also allows respondents to return to the questionnaire and continue from where they left off. In other cases the answers will only be saved when the respondents clicks on Complete. 

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Start by heading to the Extra Options tab.

Save on exit - extra options tab

Scroll down to Other options and click Save on exit.

Select Save on exit

Activate save on exit. Now all responses will be saved.

Activate save on exit

You can also activate the next button down - also apply save on exit on intro screen. Activate this option if you ask for the name or email on the intro screen or even more information. If you don't gather any information on the intro screen, then there's no reason to save empty responses so don't activate this feature. The feature will then only save starting from the first question when someone clicked 'start'.

Tip: When you use your survey in kiosk mode, turn off the feature to save on exit on intro screen.

Now let us look at the remaining options you are presented here, which allow the respondent to save and continue from where they left off.

Save on exit - allow respondent to return

Activate the feature here to let the respondent return to complete the questionnaire and specify how many times they are allowed to return.

When you send out your questionnaire, make sure the respondent is attached to the link in order that each respondent gets to see his/her answers from a previous time. You attach the respondent to the questionnaire by using the UID of each respondent in their survey:

Make sure to click Apply when you're done.

Read the guide for more information and options about appending this information to the URL. 

So now you know how to activate this useful feature, log in and try it for yourself!