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Google Tag Manager is a tag system that Google has created that can be used for tracking and analytics on websites. It can be used to track respondents' behavior in your survey, or to find out how effective an advert promoting your survey has been.

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Log in to your Google Tag Manager account or set one up here: Create a new container for your Survey Anyplace surveys by selecting Create Account from the menu on the top right.

Google Tag Manager - create account

In the Container name field, enter 

Select Web for Where to Use Container and now click Create.

container name field

This will take you to a popup that provides you with the codes you need to install Google Tag Manager on your websites.

Copy the container ID (GTM-XXXXXXX) and now it's time to head to your Survey Anyplace account. Within the survey to which you want to add the Tag Manager, click on the Extra Options tab and scroll down to Integrations. Click Google Tag Manager and toggle to Activate Google Tag Manager integration.

Activate Google Tag Manager integration

Now you can simply paste the container ID that you copied earlier.


By default, we trigger the following events. 

  • A default pageview event is send when a questionnaire is accessed
  • An "sa_survey_start" event is send when the first slide of the questionnaire is visible
  • An "sa_survey_question_answered" event is send each time an answer is selected on a question (see help documentation for which question types this applies to)
  • An "sa_survey_complete" event is send upon successfully completing a questionnaire

Now you've set up the Google Tag Manager for your survey, you'll need to head back to your Google Tag Manager account to set up the tags and triggers. Tags are the labels for particular actions and the triggers are the actions that have to occur before tagging. Check out Google Tag Manager's help pages to find out create tags and triggers.

To create a new tag in Google Tag Manager, choose Google Ads Conversion Tracking as the tag type. You'll need to fill in the Conversion ID and conversion label.

conversion id

The conversion ID and conversion label can be found in Google Adwords after setting up a conversion. See Google Adwords' help guide for more details. 

Once you have set up the conversion, scroll down to tag setup, click Use Google Tag Manager and you'll find the conversion ID and conversion label.

To complete the trigger, create a new trigger and choose trigger type custom event. Now enter the custom event name as sa_survey_complete

custom event name

If you are using Google Adwords, you can include Google Ads Conversion Tracking so as soon as a survey is completed, this will be recorded as a conversion. You'll find the conversion ID and conversion label in Google Ads under Tools.

conversion label

You can use the preview in Google Tag Manager to check if the tag has been fired on the survey. Once the preview mode is enabled, go to your survey and it will open the Google Tag Manager at the bottom of the survey. Once you’ve clicked complete, it should show that the tag has been fired. 

google tag manager preview

This is what will be shown in Google Tag Manager when a trigger has been fired.

google tag manager


Note that to have a more accurate representation of where a user drops off, it is advised to enable the mandatory question option, as long as the questions on the survey are either: 

  • Text choice (single choice)
  • Image choice (single choice)
  • Range slider (text)

Otherwise, if you make use of different question types, we recommend to use the save on exit.

That's all. If you need any further help with this, don't hesitate to contact us.

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