Cloud SQL Integration

Setting up a Cloud SQL Integration allows data to be transferred between survey responses and your SQL databases for advanced data analysis.

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What are the benefits of this integration?

  • You can replicate survey response data to a Google-managed Cloud SQL database. From there, you can integrate your database with many other applications.
  • It allows you to create a dashboard in Google Data Studio (Free application) that can compare multiple surveys at once.
  • You can use the Cloud SQL database as a data source for data analysis BI tools (such as Google Data Studio) if you want to have a more extensive overview of the results.
  • It allows you to have an enriched network of data sources.

Read Google's Cloud SQL guide to learn about even more benefits!

Follow through the steps below to set up your Cloud SQL integration. In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Create instance
  2. Create database
  3. Connect database

1 Create instance

You'll first need to create a Cloud SQL instance - click Create instance.

Cloud SQL Integration - create instance

Next, choose your database engine. Click MySQL on the left.

Cloud SQL - database engine

Now complete the fields for instance ID and a root password (needed to get access to your database). Here you can also select the Region and time zone.

Cloud SQL Instance info

2 Create database

The next step is to create a database. Click the blue button Create database and set the character set as utf8mb4 rather than the default option. Now click Create.

Cloud SQL create database

Head over to IAM & admin settings and click on +Add (in the middle of the screen).

Add a new member and select Cloud SQL Client as the role.

Cloud SQL member

3 Connect database

It's now time to connect your database with Survey Anyplace. Copy the instance ID which you'll find on the Overview page.

SQL overview

Now go to Survey Anyplace and click on the Extra Options tab of your survey. Now scroll down to find the Integrations option in the Other options section.

Choose the integration Cloud SQL on the left-hand side. Toggle to enable this integration and paste the instance ID which you copied + fill in the Database name, Username, and Database password.

Cloud SQL enable

You're now all set up and ready to configure Google Data studio with SQL source.

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