Google Sheets


Use the Google Sheets integration to push your responses to a Google Sheet.

It's straightforward to do - let's go through the steps...

Click on the Extra Options tab and scroll down to Integrations. Click Google Sheets.

Google sheets - extra options tab

Now you'll have the settings screen.

Google Sheets settings

  1. Enabled - make sure to toggle this button on to enable the feature.
  2. Spreadsheet ID - copy the spreadsheet ID which you'll find in the URL of your spreadsheet. Copy only the values between the "/d/" and the "/edit".
  3. Sheet Name - copy the name of the sheet - you'll find the sheet name in the tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  4. Create - click Create to test the connection and create the header row for your questionnaire.

Important Note

Make sure to share your document with the user It’s a very important step in this process.

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