Survey Anyplace API

The Survey Anyplace API allows users and 3rd-party applications to access Survey Anyplace resources programmatically. This API conforms to REST principles.

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The main API URL is https:// API.surveyanyplace .com/ v1

Two headers are required with each request:

  1. Add Authorization header with your API key as value. You can create and find your API key under My Account.
  2. Send the Content-Type header with value application/json


There is a maximum of 60 API requests per minute per API Key.

1 Access Codes API

You can read the details about general access codes and how to implement them via API here:

2 Contacts API

Create contacts via API call. Read more details in the Survey Anyplace contacts help guide:

3 Email Invitations

Trigger email invitations directly via API. Read more details in the Survey Anyplace Invitations help guide:

4 Surveys

Copy an existing survey by URL. More info can be found here:

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