Auto Skip

This feature is included in all plans.

Auto Skip will automatically slide to the next question once the answer has been selected by the respondent. You can also choose if you want to have respondents click Complete to finish the questionnaire or if it will automatically complete once the final question has been answered.

Auto Skip is developed for single Text Choice, single Image Choice and Rating questions. Questions will not automatically skip if Multiple Choice, Extra comments or Group on screen is enabled. 

Looking to enable Auto Skip in your survey?

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To enable Auto Skip, log in and go to the Extra Options tab in your questionnaire.

Scroll down to the section Question logic and click Auto Skip.

Select Autoskip

You'll now see this box:

Enable autoskip

Toggle the button to Enable autoskip. Then you'll be given a second option to automatically complete the questionnaire when final question has been answered. Toggle this button to turn on if desired.

Don't forget to click Apply, and you're done!