Image Choice

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Survey Images: How to Boost Survey Engagement with Image Choice

Image Choice is used when you ask a multiple choice question and present the possible answers to your respondent by using images or GIFs.

A lot can be said about using visuals in your surveys and quizzes. They provide a visual and engaging alternative to the standard textual questions in the first place.

But did you know, for example, that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? It means that your question will capture the attention of your respondents faster and help them take in the content more easily.

Image choice example

Photos in your questionnaire allow you to connect with your audience on a more emotional level and it’s proven that people often respond better to a picture. So, visuals provide a stronger stimulus for giving better and honest feedback. And it tackles the challenge of keeping respondents engaged through your questionnaire which might at first seem boring or off-putting.

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First things first, log in and we'll look at getting your first Image Choice question set up! There are several possibilities to improve your questionnaire using Image Choice: You can make your question multiple choice, a quiz question, add a score, … For details on these extra survey features, keep reading. 

1 Add an Image Choice Question

In the Questions tab, click the button +Add question.

Image choice - add question

Now choose Image Choice and click Add question

Image choice - choose image choice and add

Now let's see how to change the general question settings, edit the question and add your answer images.

Image choice - change image choice settings, edit question and answer

2 Change the general question settings

image choice - change general question settings

  1. Click the arrow to hide the question when you're not currently editing it.
  2. This is the question number. You can always change the order of your survey questions by choosing a different question number. Want respondents to answer this question earlier in the survey? Select a lower number to move it to an earlier position.
  3. Changed your mind about the question type? Here you can change it immediately to another type. Your question will remain but your answers will disappear.
  4. Reusing your survey or quiz for multiple audiences? If the question is not relevant for your current respondents, easily switch the active button to inactive or vice versa. This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.
  5. Click on the first icon to Copy your question, the X to Delete and the eye to Preview.

3 Edit the question

Image choice - question options

  1. Add your question here. Want to make your text bold, underlined or include a video? Learn here all you need to know about the rich text editor icons!
  2. Click Add media or Add YouTube video to upload images or videos to make your questionnaire more entertaining. The image or video will be displayed above your question. The file needs to be under 2MB. To add a YouTube video, paste a YouTube link after you've clicked the Add YouTube video button.
  3. Make the question mandatory - toggle the button to require respondents to answer the question before moving to the next question.
  4. Turn this question into a quiz question - toggle the button to make this question into a quiz question. You will be able to mark the correct answer (or answers in case of multiple choice). This way the respondent will receive a score based on the quiz questions at the end of the survey/quiz. Read more about this further on.

Tip: Your image file must be under 2MB. Most online survey images will be much smaller already - and if not, use an 'Image Resize' tool to shrink photos before including them in your surveys.

4 Add your answer images

Now let's get down to the interesting part - add your answers and images here to make this question fun for your respondents! Let's look at all the options you'll be seeing on the screen.

image choice add image answers

1. Type your answer here.

2. Click Add image to upload an image that will be shown as the answer option.

3. Click Add answer to add as many answers as you require. With each new answer, you'll be able to add answer text and an image.

4. Multiple answers possible - toggle the button to allow respondents to select more than one answer. When your question is multiple choice,  the checkboxes will be squares instead of bullets.

Tip: If you choose to make the question mandatory and allow multiple answers, you will be asked to specify the minimum and maximum number of answers that need to be selected.

5. Add a 'not applicable'-answer - toggle this button and an answer option Not applicable will be automatically shown at the bottom of the answer options. 

6. Shuffle answers every time the survey is opened - toggle this button to shuffle the answers to that specific question every time the survey is opened. This is a great option when you're creating a quiz and you don't want respondents sharing their answers with others.

7. Add a text box to specify or leave an extra comment - when this feature is switched on, you'll be able to add your own text to ask respondents to give more information.

5 Make your question a Quiz question

When you make a question a quiz question, you will be able to mark the correct answer (or answers in case of multiple choice). This way the respondent will receive a score based on the quiz questions at the end of the survey or quiz.

When you turn this question into a quiz question, now you will see a slider next to each answer. Use this to mark the correct answer.

image choice make quiz question

When you have marked the correct answer, the quiz score for that answer will automatically turn to 1, but you can use the arrows to adjust this scoring.

If you want to use an alternative scoring system, turn on give score when all correct answers are selected. You can now input any number you want to be given as the score when answers are correct and when they are wrong. You will not be able to change the score next to individual answers now.

image choice scoring for quiz question

When the respondents receive their score, they also have the possibility to take a look at the right answers. Underneath these answers, you can show an explanation for the correct answer. Write your question explanation here:

image choice question explanation for quiz

Here's an example to show you how the question explanation is displayed:

image choice example of question explanation

That's it! Make sure you click Save changes at the top of the screen.

Now that you know how to add images to a survey, discover even more creative ways to use surveys to engage your audience and collect valuable data.