Text Slider

This feature is included in all plans.

A text slider is a type of rating question. Rating questions are used to get a clear view of how well you're doing or how someone likes your product, service or business. A text slider displays the statements on a scale from one side to another, so respondents can decide which statement they most closely relate to or agree with.

Here's an example of a text slider question:

Text slider question example

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1 Add a Text Slider question to your questionnaire

In the Questions tab, click the button +Add question.

Text slider add question

Select Slider (Text) from the list of question types. Click Add question.

Add Text slider question

You have now added a Text Slider question to your survey. You'll be able to change the general question settings, edit the question and create the text slider.

Text slider - change settings

2 Change the general question settings

Text slider  - change general question settings

  1. Click the arrow to hide the question when you're not currently editing it.
  2. This is the question number. You can always change the order of your survey questions by choosing a different question number. Want respondents to answer this question earlier in the survey? Select a lower number to move it to an earlier position.
  3. Changed your mind about the question type? Here you can change it immediately to another type. Your question will remain but your answers will disappear.
  4. Reusing your survey or quiz for multiple audiences? If the question is not relevant for your current respondents, easily switch the active button to inactive or vice versa. This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.
  5. Click on the first icon to Copy your question, the X to Delete and the eye to Preview.

3 Edit the question

Text slider - edit question

  1. Add your question here. Use the rich text editor to make your text bold, italic or use piping - learn all about the rich text editor icons here.
  2. Click Add media or Add YouTube video to upload images or videos to make your questionnaire more entertaining. The image or video will be displayed above your question. The file needs to be under 2MB. To add a YouTube video, paste a YouTube link after you've clicked the Add YouTube video button.
  3. Make the question mandatory - toggle the button to require respondents to answer the question before moving to the next question.

4 Create the text slider

Create text slider

  1. These are the answers that will appear on your Text Slider. 
  2. Add a new answer by clicking Add answer.
  3. Add a 'not applicable'-answer - toggle this button and an answer option Not applicable will be automatically shown at the bottom of the answer options. 
  4. Show the selected value - Toggle this button to the right to show the selected value which will show a box under the slider displaying the selected answer (see image below). If this feature is switched off, the indicated answer won't show on the slider and if the respondent has selected a statement besides the ones which show on either end of the scale, they will be unable to see which answer they selected.
  5. Add a text box to specify or leave an extra comment - When this feature is switched on, you'll be able to add your own text to ask respondents to give more information.


Here's what your question will look like when you're showing the selected value and have a comment box.

Text slider example

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