Text Only

This feature is included in all plans.

Text Only allows you to add a screen or slide with only text (and a media file) in your questionnaire. It will add interaction and personality to your questionnaire because instead of only asking information, Text Only is an opportunity give information as well. It helps to create a dialogue and make your questionnaire feel interactive. 

Tip: Add a Text Only screen to give over information to respondents and encourage them to participate - explain here what the goal of the survey is, or give extra information about an answer to a question.

1 Ideas when to use a Text Only Question

1.1 Giving extra information about the subject

Give extra information about a question, about the answer they indicated in the last question (use question logic) or about the general subject of the questionnaire.

Text only - example1

1.2 Showing whether or not the quiz question was answered correctly

You can make one screen for when the respondent selected the right answer and one in case he/she selected the wrong answer. By using question logic you can show the appropriate screen after the quiz question. This way the respondent doesn't have to wait until he/she completes the quiz to see the correct answers and explanations. (Be sure to remove the previous button to make sure respondents don't change their answers. You can deselect this feature in the Design tab.)

Text only - explanation

1.3 Dividing your questionnaire in several subjects or chapters

When your questionnaire contains multiple subjects or chapters you can use a Text Only screen to announce a new chapter/subject.

Text only - chapter divider

1.4 Creating a conversation in your questionnaire

Via question logic and piping you can use the answers the respondent already gave immediately in your next questions or screens. This way you can hold a conversation with your respondent. When a respondent already gave you some personal details, introduce yourself as well. Address the respondent by name and add some Text Only screens to tell something about yourself, the company or the research.

Text only - intro message

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You have a whole lot of ideas when to use a Text Only question. Let's see how to add one now.

2 Add a Text Only question to your questionnaire

In the Questions tab, click the button +Add question.

Text only - add question

Select Text Only from the list of question types. Click Add question.

Choose text only and add

Great! Now you've now added a Text Only question to your questionnaire. Next let's see how to change the general question settings and write your message and add interesting media.

Text only - change general settings

2 Change the general question settings

Text only - change general question settings

  1. Click the arrow to hide the question when you're not currently editing it.
  2. This is the question number. You can always change the order of your survey questions by choosing a different question number. Want respondents to answer this question earlier in the survey? Select a lower number to move it to an earlier position.
  3. Changed your mind about the question type? Here you can change it immediately to another type. Your question will remain but your answers will disappear.
  4. Toggle the button to the right to make your question Active.
  5. Click on the first icon to Copy your question, the X to Delete and the eye to Preview.

3 Write your message and add some interesting media

Here is where you can create an interesting screen to break up your questionnaire. Don't make it boring with only text - you can add images, gifs or videos to explain your point!

Text only - write message

  1. Write your message here. Want to make your text bold, italics or a fun color? Add a video or emoji? Learn about all of the rich text editor icons.
  2. Click Add media or Add YouTube video to upload images or videos to make your questionnaire more entertaining. The image or video will be displayed above your question. The file needs to be under 2MB. To add a YouTube video, paste a YouTube link after you've clicked the Add YouTube video button.

You're done! Now try it yourself - log in here to start.