Stripe - Payment Processing

This feature is available in the Enterprise and ReportR plan.

We've teamed up with Stripe to bring you another great feature: the ability to collect payments through your survey or assessment! We don’t charge or take any type of cut of the purchase when you use the Stripe integration, but you will need to pay whatever fees Stripe requires for processing. We also do not store any of the credit card information on Survey Anyplace; it’s all run through Stripe.

Looking to create a survey with a Stripe payment processing question or one of our other 15+ question types?

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There's just a few simple steps to follow, let's see how it's done. Log in and follow to see for yourself!

1 Connect Survey Anyplace to Stripe

Go to the setting for My Account by clicking on your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Stripe - my account

Scroll down to Technical Info and click Connect with Stripe.

Stripe integration button

A new tab will open where you can authorize Survey Anyplace to connect with Stripe. 

Fill in the Stripe account sign-up form, or if you already have a Stripe account, click Sign in on the top right-hand corner.

Authorise Survey Anyplace on Stripe

2 Set up a Stripe Question type

In the Questions tab, click the button +Add question.

Stripe - add question

Select Stripe and click Add question.

Add stripe question type

Great! You added your question, now let's see how to change the general question settings and edit the question.

Stripe question settings

3 Change the general question settings

Stripe - general question settings

  1. Click the arrow to hide the question when you're not currently editing it.
  2. This is the question number. You can always change the order of your survey questions by choosing a different question number. Want respondents to answer this question earlier in the survey? Select a lower number to move it to an earlier position.
  3. Changed your mind about the question type? Here you can change it immediately to another type. Your question will remain but your answers will disappear.
  4. Reusing your survey or quiz for multiple audiences? If the question is not relevant for your current respondents, easily switch the active button to inactive or vice versa. This feature is available on the Enterprise plan and ReportR plan.
  5. Click on the first icon to Copy your question, the X to Delete and the eye to Preview.

4 Edit the question

Stripe - edit question

  1. Add your question here. Use the rich text editor icons to make your text bold, italic, add emojis, videos, variables and more.
  2. Click Add media or Add YouTube video to upload images or videos to make your questionnaire more entertaining. The image or video will be displayed above your question. The file needs to be under 2MB. To add a YouTube video, paste a YouTube link after you've clicked the Add YouTube video button.
  3. Make the question mandatory - toggle the button to require respondents to answer the question before moving to the next question.
  4. Pay Label - Type the text you want to appear on the payment button.
  5. Amount - Enter the amount which you want to charge. Note that respondents cannot change the amount to be paid.
  6. Currency - Choose currency for payment. Note that we currently only support payment processing in Euro and USD currencies.

Don't forget to click Save changes.

5 Create Payment Processing Logic

You can create question logic or outcomes based on a successful or failed payment.

5.1 Question Logic based on Stripe question

If you want to direct respondents back to the beginning of the survey if the payment failed, or skip to the end after a successful payment, question logic is the way to go.

Head to the Extra Options tab and click on Question Logic. Click Create rule and set conditions based on whether the answer to the Stripe transaction question is: payment is successful or payment has failed.

Stripe question logic

Read the detailed question logic help guide for all you need to know about setting up question logic.

5.2 Outcomes based on Stripe question

You can also base final outcomes on the Stripe payment status. 

Head to the Extra Options tab and click on Outcomes. Click Create outcome and choose to show this outcome when a certain condition is met.

You can now set the outcome screen to be displayed based on whether the Stripe transaction payment was successful or failed

Toggle the activate multiple outcomes button and you can create different outcomes depending on whether the payment succeeded or failed. For example, if the payment failed, you may want to show a final screen prompting respondents to click the button to re-start the survey and try payment again.

Stripe outcomes

Click Apply and you're done! Now you've integrated Stripe seamlessly into your survey!

Here is how a question to process payment via Stripe may look:

Stripe example