Question Block Custom Score Table

Question Block Custom Score Table shows your respondents how they scored in an assessment based on the Question Blocks you have created.

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Here's a way to show your respondents in which areas they excel and which areas need improvement. With Survey Anyplace's question block custom score variable, it's quick and easy to show this info to respondents.

question block custom score table example

When you've finished creating your assessment, click on the Extra Options tab and click Question grouping & Question pool.

question block custom score table guide

Now click + Create question block to create as many question blocks, groups of questions as you require. Now with those setups, tick the boxes next to the questions which you want to move to a different question block.

Question block table move questions

Click Save changes once you've finished moving all of your questions into the right groups.

Next, toggle on custom scoring, which you'll find just below Question grouping & Question pool in the Extra Options tab.

Question block table custom score

Now it's time to go back to the Questions tab and define a custom score for each answer. Simply use the arrows that now appear next to the answer to specify each answer score.

question example for question block variable

Scroll down to the bottom of all your questions, where you'll find the text for the final screen. Customize the text and simply choose one of the following options from the drop-down list of Variables - either Question block custom score ranking table or Question block custom score as percentage ranking table. The first option will show the actual score for each question block, sorted from high to low, or choose the second option if you want scores displayed as a percentage.

add question block ranking table variable

You can add some text to your final message or an additional text box.

That's all, way to go! Don't forget to save changes, and you're good to go!

Follow along with these videos for further step-by-step instructions and more ideas about how you can use a question block ranking table in your assessment.

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