Custom score

This feature is included in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

The Custom Scoring feature allows you to give a score for each answer so that an overall score will be calculated at the end of the questionnaire. It's useful for example to rate customer or employee satisfaction. See the end of this article for more ideas!

Log in, follow the steps and try it yourself!

1 Create your questionnaire

Create a new questionnaire. Not sure where to begin? Follow the step-by-step quick guide for the survey, quiz or assessment.

Make sure you've saved your changes before moving to the next step.

2 Enable custom scoring

Enable custom scoring to get a score at the end of the questionnaire based on the answers of your respondent. This score can also be used to show different outcomes (final screen) at the end of the survey. Learn more about outcomes here.

Go to the tab Extra Options and scroll down to Custom scoring.

custom scoring - extra options tab

Toggle to turn on Custom score.

Turn on custom scoring

When you turn on Custom Scoring, and you go back to the Questions tab to edit your questions, you'll see boxes with '0' in them appear next to your answers. You can change the '0' to the number you want to add to every answer. When a respondent chooses an answer, this is the score they are going to get for that question.

Add custom scores to answers

Don't forget to save your changes! Afterwards, you can see the score per respondent in Results by Respondent.

Tip: You can disable custom scoring on specific questions by toggling the button circled below:

Disable custom scores

3 How you can use custom scoring

  • Don't show the score to the respondent but collect the score for your evaluation in the results. For example, to evaluate an event and you want to convert the answers to a score for a concrete satisfaction number without having the respondent give you an official number or seeing one.
  • To show outcomes in assessments and quizzes. Use the outcome screen to give extra information or examples based on the score.
  • To show an overview of the scores on the final screen or in the email template using the variables (this can also be per question block/category).