Question grouping

Question grouping

This feature is included in all plans.

You might want to show more than one question on the screen to make your questionnaire seem shorter. Question grouping is just what you need! You can also activate or de-activate all questions in the question block with one click of a button.

Question grouping is the name of the feature which lets you choose which questions you want to group together to be shown on the same screen.

We'll use two rating questions that we want to be shown on the same screen to shorten the questionnaire which will help attract respondents and obtain more thorough insights and responses.

question grouping example 1a

question grouping example 1b

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1 Create your survey or quiz

You'll first need to have all your questions in place. Check out our guides how to make a quiz or survey.

2 Add question blocks

Go to the Extra Options tab and scroll down to find Question grouping & Question pool in the section of Question logic.

Now you'll need to create some question blocks.

Question blocks is the tool that allows you to group your questions together. You can move questions between the blocks and decide which question blocks to enable the question pool feature.

Right now, all of your questions will be in one question block. If the questions you want to group come in the middle of your questionnaire, then you'll need to create 3 question blocks: question block 1 will have the questions before the grouped questions, question block 2 will have the questions you want grouped on the same screen and question block 3 will have the end questions.

Tip: When you move questions to a later question block (QB), the question numbers will be automatically updated. For example, if you move Q4 from QB2 to QB3 and Q5 remains in QB2, then Q5 will be re-numbered as Q4 and Q4 will become Q5.

If you want to activate or de-activate all questions in the question block, simply click the relevant button that appears at the bottom of the list of questions:

Question grouping - active-inactive

Now let's see how to move questions to different question blocks. Click Create question block twice, to add two new question blocks.

Now we'll need to move the different questions to the correct question block.

Select the questions you want to be shown on the same screen and choose QB2 from the drop-down menu to move them to question block 2.

Now you'll want to move the remaining questions to question block 3.

Tip: If there are a lot of questions to be moved, select the check box on top of the list to select all questions, then un-check the ones which you do not want to move.

Question grouping - move to qb3

Tip: If you need to delete a question block, be sure to move the questions to a different question block first. It is not possible to delete a question block which contains questions.

3 Group questions on the same screen

It's time to group the questions which you want to appear on the same screen. In our example, those questions are found in question block 2. So click on 2 and toggle the button to group questions on the same screen.

group questions on same screen

Tip: You cannot have group questions on the same screen turned on at the same time as question pool.

Make sure to apply and click save changes before you try to preview.

Now let's see how our example will look:

You can group two questions like in this example, or you can group three or more questions on one screen.

Each question block with group questions on the same screen turned on represents a content box. So you can group questions in several content boxes in your questionnaire.

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